If you know someone who should be using our platform to present live or prerecorded shows/events, all you need to do is register with us, then get them to register as well.

As the Introducer, you will get paid a commission directly from us for every ticket sold to every show presented by those you introduce..forever… just for knowing them.

Just think about that for a second…

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Use the strength of your following to promote our shows. Get paid a commission direct from us for every ticket that sells using your link.

  • Promote the content that you think your followers will like

  • Promote as much or as little as you want

  • Absolutely no cost to register or use

Got your own content?

Why give your exclusive content up for free hoping to get paid per view by advertisers when you can engage with your fans directly and charge whatever you think they will pay.

  • Upload your own content and sell tickets for 100% return

  • Promote your own content and get the commission on top!

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This could quite simply be the easiest sell of your life. We supply you with free access to promote every show uploaded to our system.

You get paid a healthy, fixed commission direct from us for every ticket sold through your link.

That’s all there is to it.

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We have built this level of commissioning into the system to enable fast tracking our global presence. We aim to change the landscape, empowering artists, promoters and creators to leverage real income directly from those who love what they do, ensuring everybody wins whilst we engage a new generation of end users who will pay a fair price for great content from an ever increasing selection presented from all around the world.

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